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PLCRO (1~8GHz)

PLDRO (7~36GHz)

*Frequencies from 1GHz to 36 G Hz
*Operating temperature from -55℃ to +85℃
*Ultra Low Phase Noise
*Low spurious
*Low power consumption
*Phase lockable to references from 1 MHz to 300MHz
*Small Size
  The series of phase locked coaxial resonator oscillators have been designed for use in commercialand military systems where demanding performance, high reliability and cost are critical. This family of products take advantage of the small size, low phase noise and high efficiency offered by fundamental BJT CROs when they are phase locked to an external crystal in the 1 MHz to 300 MHz range. The single loop model when phase locked to an external 100 M z(PN:-158dBc/Hz@1KHz) crystal provides exceptionally low phase noise,typically-126dBc/Hz at 1 KHz offset at 9GHz.
  In addition, two reference options are available.The first option offers an integrated, high stability internal crystaloscillator in the 100 MHz range in a slim line package.
The second option offers a dual loop design, also in a slim line package. This internal crystal source is phase locked to an external frequency standard between 1 and 300 MHz using digital synthesis techniques and allows the output frequency to be phase locked to an integer or fractional multiple of the reference frequency used.
Typical Performance Specifications
Output Frequency (GHz) 1~36
External Reference (MHz/Phase Noise) 100/≤-157dBc/Hz@1KHz
External REF Input Power Level (dBm) 0±5
Output Power (dBm) 13±1 
Spurious (dBc) ≤-80
Harmonics (dBc) ≤-20
Power Supply (V/mA) 0.04
Phase Noise See The Table
Frequency Stability The same as the crystal reference source
Alarm TTL Lock in high
Operating Temperature() -55~+85
Dimensions L(mm)xW(mm)xH(mm) 57.2×57.2×15.7 & 50.8×47.8×15.7



PLCRO & PLDRO Typical Phase Noise data vs Frequency
  Output Frequency (GHz)
Phase Noise
 in dBc/Hz@
1 2 4 5.8 9 12 14 16 18
1KHz 20logN+3/20logN/20logN-3 [Optional]
100KHz -148 -140 -133 -126 -122 -120 -116 -114 -113
1MHz -159 -157 -152 -144 -136 -136 -132 -130 -125

Note: 1. Phase noise floor is lower than -163dBc/Hz;

           2. We can provide the anti-vibration products;

           3. We provide the internal reference products


Phase Noise at 100MHz (Reference)


Phase Noise at 2.3GHz (Typical)


Phase Noise at 9GHz (Typical)


Phase Noise at 15.1GHz (Typical)


Phase Noise at 18.2GHz (Typical)


Spurious at 9.2GHz (Full Span)


Spurious at 15.064GHz (Span=10G)



Outline drawing

 External Reference:


Internal Reference:

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